Good Sunday morning everyone; the sun is just coming up here in Southern California and it's really chilly.  I actually turned on the furnace this morning, first time this year.  I apologize again for no blog yesterday; I am up to my eyeballs these days so please bare with me for the next couple of months.  One of the things on my busy list was a party we had at our house on Friday night, one of my daughters is moving to Colorado so it was a good bye party.  :(

We had about 25-30 people I think so I had Elsa leashed up for the meet and greets.  Tilley and Jessie were up stairs fast asleep for the entire event; it would be far too dangerous to have Jessie wandering around with people coming and going and Tilley just isn't up to it.  So Luke and Elsa were out for part of it; which was great for socializing.   Up until now Elsa has not met a person she has not adored; and everyone at the party seemed to be quite taken by her.  I have to admit she's quite the charmer as was Luke and the two together got lots of AWWWWs.

I had Elsa leashed because there was food which meant people were sitting with a plate on their lap and we aren't so good with that yet.  Plus the whole in and out thing with people coming and going; I did not want her slipping out unnoticed.  She was our greeter extraordinaire as she bounded and lavished her affections on everyone who walked through the door.  I was not working on sitting at all; that would have been pointless with the amount of people and the important thing for me at the moment is that she adore people, all people.

I wandered around letting her greet and talk to everyone until she finally fell asleep on the kitchen floor as I talked to some of our friends.  That was my cue that it was time for a nap; it is very important that puppies or adults dogs not get over tired over stimulated.  Luke had been shadowing me through the house seeking eye contact every now and again.  He loves people but it is also not a normal thing to have this many people in our house so he was looking for assurance once in a while.

I took both Elsa and Luke upstairs so that they could nap and relax.  All the dogs sleep in our room nightly so they are more than comfortable being there for an evening nap.  After an hour or so I brought them out again; Elsa was rested and rejuvenated.  She had her second wind and was ready to make the rounds soaking up as much attention as she could.  Luke again followed us around seeking his eye contact from Mom.  It is so cute when he does this; I will glance over at him and notice a piercing stare from him.  I know it well, it is a "Mom, I need you to connect with me for a second."  We have a very short connection and he's good to go again.  Sometimes he'll need a touch but this night he just needed a visual connection.  Our relationship is amazingly connected one.

It is truly a joy when a puppy adores people; I have often told clients that their dog who is bounding on people is a good problem.  I have dealt with many a dog who is either fearful or aggressive towards people and that is no fun to deal with.  The bounding on people out of sheer joy problem?  I'll take that any day.

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