You know you have a new puppy, when...........................

I find that I am laughing to myself quite a bit these days; things that may otherwise seem pretty strange become the norm when you have a puppy.  These everyday occurrences may not seem normal for many folks but anyone with a new puppy will relate.

You know you have a new puppy, when............................

-  You need to keep a camera in every room.

- Every15-20 minutes you are heading outside.

- You have a minimum of one toy basket filled to the brim in every room.

-  Each time you undress, treats drop out of all your clothing.

-  You put on your jacket and smile because there are already treats in the pocket.

- Out shopping you head to the pet section of the store first.  (I actually do that all the time anyway.)

- You wonder if you will ever sleep in again; and by that I mean until 6:00 am.

-  You are constantly seeking friendly dogs and people so that you can successfully socialize your newest family member.

-  You have become accustom to stepping over baby gates.

-  Pin cushion has a definite meaning to you now.

-  You want to throw a party when you notice that first little pin has fallen out.

- You are throwing a party and consider your attire and the puppy.   A fairly sheer blouse, hmmm perhaps a teeth rip.  High heels, hmmmmmmm you might step on her feet with those things.

-  The daily poop-o-meter check is a given.

-  Finishing a conversation is something you look forward to in the future.

-  You have several containment areas set up around the house, for your sanity.

You realize just how quiet everything was before you got a new puppy; wouldn't life be a boring place without a little turmoil thrown into our lives now and again.  Give your puppy a hug and smile knowing that today will not be a quiet or boring one.  Those days are down the road.

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