December 1st, already?  Wow, where does the time go.  The big countdown is upon us and the hustle bustle is now kicked into over drive, my favorite time of year.  December has come in with a bang here in Southern California, literally.  I awoke to a huge boom and crash in the yard.  The wind started sometime in the night; it is crazy loud.  When the sun comes up I will have to see what crashed but for now it has been challenge enough getting Elsa out.

She's a spooky type, environmentally that is.  Anything out of the ordinary makes her unsettled.  So this weather today is not going to be her thing; it is not the wind per say but more the fall out from the wind.  She really seems to enjoy the wind in her face; her ears flying around.  It's the smells that the wind brings and the stuff everywhere.  This morning I opened the kitchen door and she stuck her head out; it smelled very different.  She turned and looked at me so I head out without a second to lose.  Very important to be chill.

With her head in the air she sniffed and took in all the different scents.  She looked around at all the stuff in the yard; she was spooked for sure.  So we will be heading out in all the bluster for a walk a little later.  I love the wind; always have.  Perhaps it is my Scottish heritage; I love the freshness of it, especially when it carries with it a chill.  I'm sure the yard will be a mess today so I'll have a great deal of clean up after the winds stop.

The only concern that will come from my adult dogs will be Luke worrying about doors slamming today.  I will be making sure that they are all either tightly shut or propped open securely.

Happy December all.  


  1. She sounds so much like Mandi, very observant of her surroundings and any little thing out of place is cause for concern. If I move something or bring something home and leave it in the yard she makes wide circles around it and barks at it. We had snow a few weeks back and everything was white except for under the group of pine trees and she would not go off the snow under the trees until I walked back and forth a couple of times. And yes, very important to not make a big thing out of it. Enjoy your wind!!

  2. Must be the intelligence of spoos. Bella notices everything and sometimes her reactions are pretty funny. We almost never had a thunderstorm when we lived in the California desert but now that we've moved to Arizona we have them (we always had great storms back in Winnipeg). When we had our first storm after our move Bella could hear it coming well before it arrived. She kept staring up at the ceiling and then when the low runbling became noticable she started matching the rumblings with her own low growls. She was quite intent on challenging whatever thing had the nerve to growl at her. We laughed and told her she was very brave and lets play some ball. Now she has no problem ignoring the storms and if there is a particularly loud boom she just looks at me and as Im ignoring it she does too. Now if we could just get her to ignore all the interesting smells that are brought to her nose when its really windy. Its like walking a bloodhound with ADD when its windy.


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