First snow

Elsa trying to figure this stuff out.

Yesterday was our first snow here in Connecticut.  It was the first snowfall for the poodles; they saw and walked in snow in Flagstaff, AZ and New Mexico on our trip across the country but never the fresh stuff.  Elsa took a few hesitant first steps very early in the morning and soon discovered that this white stuff was pretty great.  Luke not so much, I could tell that he was not a fan of it at first.  He's getting up there and this simply made his feet cold.  But he too ignored the white stuff after a while when Elsa convinced him that a good romp would do him good.  I of course couldn't wait to shoot them in the snow; I have not had the chance to shoot snow much living in Southern California.  This wasn't a huge snowfall but it was snow.  Enjoy, I sure did.

Seems good enough to play ball in.

Except that the snow on the ball is weird.

Who's moving first?

It's on.

I'll get you my pretty.

Having fun

The body hurl

Elsa looking very human on her two legs

The neck chomp

The ball stare down


Elsa using her full tail to lure Luke in for the attack.

Loving every second playtime.

Luke has wonderful ball removal technique

Luke, pondering this cold white stuff


  1. wonderful pictures make wonderful memories, never stop.
    I am sitting here smiling, thank you.


  2. It was a very cold weekend and I sat down with a book and didnt get up till it was finished, Have you read this?
    A Dog's Purpose

    by W. Bruce Cameron

    Let me start by saying that this book was wonderful! I have to admit a little sad a times because I am such an avid dog lover that my emotions got to me serval times in this book. But the content and the message behind the story was enlightening and peaceful. I will look at my dogs different from this point on that is for sure. All dogs do have a purpose in our lives and its up to us to show them what we need. They are amazing and beloved creatures that are truly a gift from God.


  3. Blima; I believe I have that book, a gift from my husband. I have to find it in a box somewhere and will sit and read it.

    Thank you



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