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Friday; TGIF right?  Wrapping up the week and heading into the weekend is always a welcome time.  What a week; it was an emotional one for me as I worked through some separation anxiety with Luke.  He is no doubt taking note of his missing siblings and learning to cope.  Helping him through it makes dealing with the loss myself a must; I have wrapped my arms around his head numerous times a day telling him that I am so sorry that he lost his life partners.  Sometimes we forget, it is not only us that suffer with loss.  Luke lived with both Jessie and Tilley his entire life; it's not easy to adjust to them being gone.  But together we will make it through, we are a pretty tight pair.

This week was also filled with getting out and socializing.  Elsa makes us get out which is a great thing.   With her bubbly, cup half full attitude she enjoys everything that life has to offer her.  Even a tiny cranberry can bring much joy for both her and anyone watching her.  I offered her one the other day and she played with it for a good 20 minutes before deciding that she would eat it.  She tossed it around just like the bugs she played with back in California.  She bats at it, curls her lips up at it and generally takes great joy in the tiny red piece of shriveled fruit.  It is uplifting just watching her enjoy such tiny things.

We met several other poodle people while we were out being social.  I am stopped often when people see the two blonde poodles strutting down the street.  Both Elsa and Luke have those big smiley faces and people cannot help but smile back.  I think today that we might hit the beach again; it is much more crowded on the weekends so today might be the day.  I was really hoping that the weatherman was correct and we would indeed have snow last night but again we were passed over.  No snow this morning.

So what's on the agenda for this weekend?  Hmmm?  I think getting out for some exploring is ahead.  I really want to have a good look around so I'd like to dedicate at least one day a weekend for checking out the surrounding cities.  We hit New Canaan last weekend with the dogs; what a great little town, so cute.  We visited one of their great parks with the dogs although it was so cold that my fingers were numb.  Elsa very much enjoys the cold; Luke is still thinking about it.  Perhaps a nice warm jacket will help?  I'll give it a go; he's never been one to wear stuff but maybe a nice new down jacket will warm him up to the idea of these cold temps.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are going to be doing with your pooches.

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    My Human loves those smiley Poodle faces. She says when she was in high school her parents had a standard poodle. She claims he was easier to teach stuff and smarter than me! If that isn't an insult, I don't know what is!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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