What color is your retriever?

For many years my husband has said "I'd love a Golden Retriever."  He happens to be quite allergic to dogs so that's not happening anytime soon.  He loves the look of a yellow lab; the Old Yeller types, something about those retrievers.  When we added Luke to our life we had added the Golden part of a Golden Retriever.  As he grew I stood watching him while my husband tossed the ball or threw a frisbee it dawned on me "we had a golden retriever."  Of course I pointed that out to my husband............many times.  He
adores our poodles; he is one of the great supporters of the versatility of the breed.

Now we have yet another Golden Retriever; no not an actual breed replica but she is gold and she is an amazing retriever.  In fact I know that she will be an amazing whatever as she is up for anything, anytime.  I ran into a woman at the beach the other day; in fact her yellow lab went and saved our ball from floating away.  Both Luke and Elsa had stood up to their ankles in the water watching it go out with the tide.  Too cold for some very smart poodles.  "Great," I thought to myself; then hoped that a Labrador might come by to save it and she did.

When we stopped to talk to the woman with the lab I told her about Tilley and how she was an amazing frisbee dog.  She told me how her son wanting nothing more than a frisbee dog.  This lab girl had tons of drive but she was very short legged and hefty so she obviously did not resemble the sleek types that fly in the air.  But; she most certainly had speed, amazing speed for such short legs and with enough training I'm sure she could be a great frisbee dog.  Maybe not the airborne type like Tilley but definitely a great catcher.

I love watching all the dogs at the beach; they are all different, each having their own talent.  Some dogs excel at just about anything they do; others have very specific talents and shine in their own arena.  It is especially amusing when you see dogs who look they are little lap dogs; only to see them charge across a field and dive into the air grasping a tiny disc catapulted by their owner.  Seeing the huge buff body of an English Bulldog seemingly swimming with ease is quite the scene when it seems that they should sink.  Of course many of the breed do sink and should always wear a life jacket.

Dogs are dogs and as such should be given every opportunity to excel at their passion.  Each dog is different; I know many Golden retrievers who have no intention of retrieving anything.  I know German Shepherds who will hold the front door open for an intruder and Yorkie's who would give their life defending their family and home.  When a new dog joins your family it gives you the opportunity to do something new; discover your new family member and how they will enrich your life via new experiences.

When we were waiting for the day that our Elsa would join us I clearly remember saying "I can't wait to meet her."  I was very anxious to see who she was and would be.  She is still unraveling, she's not done yet but taking the journey around each corner with her as she grows is an amazing part of it all.  But one thing is for sure; we have added another amazing Golden Retriever to the pack.

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