Happy Valentines Day

How do I love thee?  Let  me count the ways.  LOL

I love 

  when you come when I call.

  when I open the bathroom door and you are sitting there.

  that you seem to know when I need a hug.

  your over the top greeting when I come home.

  when we sit together.

  watching a movie with you snuggled on my lap.

  going back to bed in the morning and seeing that you love it just as    much as I do.

  that you love your family as much as I love you.

  seeing you have fun with others.

  seeing the two of you snuggled close.

  telling you that we are going for a walk.

  seeing your furry face first thing in the morning.

  that going in the car with me makes you so happy.

  looking down and knowing you will be there.

  falling asleep with my arms wrapped over you.

  hearing you snore during the night.

  seeing you dream and wonder what you are dreaming about.

  taking you to see new things and places.

  when you eat hardily.

  seeing how much you love to snack throughout the day.

  watching the two of you and your special relationship with one another.

  watching you watching me.

  how you stand guard of your home.

  seeing you so entertained by the squirrels that torment you.

How do I love thee?  With all of my heart.  To my dogs Luke and Elsa and all the amazing dogs in the world.  Happy Valentines day.    


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  1. That is just beautiful, sitting here smiling.

    Happy Valentines Day



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