Les Poochs

Monday we hit the beach and hit it hard.  It was a very low tide day meaning that we were going to get messy.  I wore my rubber boots and I'm glad that I did because I had to save the ball several times after Elsa and her Labrador friend ran out into the water with it and forgot to bring it back.  By the time we were done Elsa was completely soaked and filthy and a simple brush and blow out was not going to cut it; she was going in the shower.

I was recently sent several samples of Les Poochs dogs shampoos and conditioners to try.  For this bath I pulled out the Vitamin Enriched Conditioning Shampoo for Females on Elsa's body and the Puppy Tearless Shampoo for Females on her head.  Having the tearless shampoo makes washing near the eye area much less stressful.  Both the shampoos had a wonderful smell making the sudsing up process quite enjoyable in the shower.

Rinsing out the shampoo I could tell that her coat was really clean.  There was no gunky residue left, it felt light.  After she was out of the bath and given a blow out her hair was luxuriously soft even before being brushed and she smelled wonderfully fresh without a harsh perfume sort of smell.

Then it was Luke's turn, we were able to wait until the next day for Luke as he'd only gotten his ankles wet the day before.  So into the shower I chose Pooch Bright formula which is a concentrate so you don't need much.  It's purple, really purple and as I poured it onto my hands to apply onto Luke's coat it turned into a lavender color once diluted with the water.  The lather was as they say luxurious, it was so soft and soon he was covered in it.

After Luke had his blow out he looked amazing.  He'd had a dirty ting to him lately as it had been a while since his last bath, that was gone and his gorgeous apricot coat was glowing.  I love this purple shampoo.

Several weeks ago Elsa was in need of a bath once again after partying a bit hard at the beach.  To wash away the funk from the beach I used Les Poochs Tearless and finished her off with the La Pooch Creme Rinse with natural botanical extracts.  It kept her looking and smelling great until she ran in the low tide just the other day.

The feel of the dogs coats after using the Les Poochs shampoos was really clean and light.  Their coats dried to a maximum fluff and smelled great.  Now let's see how long until the next bath.

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  1. Nothing nicer than a clean, brushed out and good smelling poodle! When my boy would get groomed by a pro (and they always made him look better than I did!) he knew it and he strutted his handsome self for a couple of days!


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