Tuesday morning rain; they called for it and it's here.  We hit the beach this past Sunday; early so it wasn't too crowded although by the time we left it was filling up.  As we left I said "if it rains this week I'm going to the beach."  An odd statement for most but when its raining, not too many people go to the beach.  So once I check out the tide charts we'll head off at the appropriate time.  After we get back I believe it is time for a bath.  I figure if the dogs are going to be wet anyway they may as well have a bath right?  I really wish that I had a waterproof camera but alas I do not.

Rain is a funny thing; some dogs hate it, others don't even seem to notice it and then there are the ones that love it.  My guys are fine in the rain except for going out to go to the bathroom.  Running full speed down the beach with the rain soaking their coat and filling their eyes is cool but taking a step out the back door to relieve themselves is altogether different.   Elsa really doesn't care about the rain, she has fun on her agenda 100% of the time so rain doesn't bother her.  Luke on the other hand will stick his head out the door cautiously as he thinks that he possibly smelled rain as I opened the door.  Once it is confirmed he lets me know that he has actually changed his mind; he doesn't have to go anymore, he is good for now.

Many dogs in California hate the rain and I always got lots of calls on those days.  "Sherri, he just won't go out," or "she just peed on the floor, right in front of me."  True some dogs would rather go in the house or literally explode before going out in the rain.  The solution is to go back to kindergarten, go out with them and reward them for going out in the rain.  Why not?  Wouldn't you rather just give them a treat than clean up the floor; worse still, the carpet?  If they really, really hate to go out into the rain then reward them for doing it.  Besides if you are standing out there with them it can't be that bad right?

Back in California was the worst because it so rarely rained that it was quite shocking to the dogs.  I got use to going out in the rain with them so that they would go out.  I remember Jessie walking the few steps that she had to go to get to the grass; she would tip toe with her eyes squinting and her body seemingly painful with every drop that hit her, ridiculous really.  She would move at a snail speed as her entire body recoiling in disgust from this wet stuff falling upon her.  Once she was in and dried down she would tear off like a maniac.

I love the rain, I always have.  Give me a good thunder and lightening boomer and I'm in my glory.  So we will enjoy the rain today and take advantage of everyone else not enjoying it at the beach.  Then it's scrub time, stay tuned for puff pics.  Have a great day, wet or dry.


  1. Hi Y'all,

    We awoke to rain this morning but it cleared shortly after daybreak and became a sunny warm day in the 70's.

    I don't really mind the rain, but I never go outside without one or both of my Humans, rain or shine.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. I just love the mood of the photo ...
    you have to send it in somewhere.
    Have you heard of Pawcurious - you should sent it to her!


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