The joy of a sleep in

Sleeping in; it's what we all wait for as the weekend approaches.  But what if you have a new puppy?  Well the chances are you are not sleeping in for a while to come.  I remember thinking to myself "I wonder if I'll ever sleep in again?" with the addition of Elsa to our family.  She's an active girl, she is ready for action from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning and for some reason that seemed to be 4:30am from the get go.  Because of this I instilled a routine early on which I think has helped to get us to this point.

When Elsa woke up at around 4 am in the morning I would take her out and then offer her a handful of her puppy kibble. After that she went back to her crate for a little more sleep and I went back to bed.  She got very use to this routine and it most definitely helped us on our road trip from CA to CT.  She like many human youngsters did not understand the pure joy of sleeping, she had too many things to do.  Why sleep when you could be doing anything else?

At nine months of age I am happy to say that she is learning the joy of sleeping.  We don't often sleep in and we never sleep in late if we do.  I'd feel like half my day was gone if I slept in until 10 in the morning.  Sleeping in for us is maybe 6:30 or 7:00 and then we have coffee in bed and enjoy the quiet morning and not having to get up and at it quickly.  Just this morning I got up to grab a coffee, it was 6:40 and Elsa was curled up on the bed alongside Luke.  I asked her to come down with me and she lay there stretching and yawning so I went ahead.

As I finished pouring the coffee she slowly came into the kitchen, we had a snuggle and she went out.  As soon as she came in she headed back up to bed.  She is now back in bed in her place as I watch my two who resemble wooly bookends as they dream away.  Both twitching in full on dream mode.  She has begun to understand how wonderful sleeping is and loves her slow moving mornings as much as we do.  Of course being that we are all sleeping in together in the same bed makes it much more enjoyable and if we are really lucky Elsa's Dad will bring us breakfast in bed.  This morning we are.  :)  Have a great Sunday everyone.

It's all about introducing the good things in life.

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  1. allowing my dogs up on the bed for a morning cuddle is favorite part of my day!


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