The little things 3

It's the little things, it truly is.  What brings us the most joy in life are the little things.  The tiny things that happen all day long that we miss if we don't take the time to stop and notice them.  I believe that it is all the little things that make up the best part of life.  I am very happy these days, it feels wonderful to be back home and I am not taking one moment of it for granted.  When I smile, I stop to notice what it is that is making me smile and it is most definitely the little things.

Yesterday I took the poodles for a walk, the sky was ominous but we headed out knowing that most others would be staying home.  When we got there it started to rain, just lightly.  As we reached the other side of park the skies opened up and let us have it.  It was pouring on us as Luke glanced over to get an okay from me about this walking in the pouring rain business.  It made me smile.  As we made our way around the park I was so happy to be walking in the rain with my dogs.  Elsa shook off some of the downpour as the rain lightened once again.  It was really great.

Enjoying a dig at the beach, side by side.

In the afternoon I spent many hours filling my garden with new flowers.  Elsa is a huge help, or at least she thinks she is.  She inspects every hole, every flower and every action that goes into putting flowers in the garden.  She's a funny girl, my little strawberry blonde lady is my constant shadow and has a zest for learning that I have rarely seen.  Smile.

As Elsa and I gardened, Luke had retreated to his couch where he can view us through the living room window.  After a while simply watching was too much for him and he stood with his huge ears up staring out at us.  The kitchen door was open so I called for him to come out.  He obviously wanted to but was just being Luke, he wanted a special invitation.  When he heard my call his face changed, his ears dropped and he pounced into action.  I could hear him slipping around the kitchen corner before he came charging out the door like he'd missed some great event.  He came running over with his mouth open, head held sideways and huffing in happiness.  What a guy.

By late afternoon it was time to start dinner.  I absolutely love my kitchen, it is not at all the most beautiful kitchen and I would love a big renovation but it has large windows that make me feel like I am outside even though I am not.  This means that when the dogs are outside I can see them no matter where they go.  Luke was back on his couch and I was watching Elsa check out all the new flowers.  Taking a moment, I stopped cooking and just watched her as she inspected each new plant that had been added to the garden.  Then I heard Sir Luke come through the kitchen, he did a big stretch as he exited the kitchen door and then sprung into action.  He charged to the middle of the yard and gave a huge and menacing bark.  He stood for a moment and then looked over his shoulder to see if I had seen his display which I had.  I smiled knowing that he had just made an entrance, this was his yard and he was just telling everyone.

As I sit and finish up my blog the view before me is my two dogs at the end of bed snuggled close enjoying their early morning snooze.  It is a little thing but it sure makes me smile.


  1. Love the ladybug picture! Your dogs always look so contented. :)

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Stoppin' by to say "hello" and see how y'all are doing. Curling at the humans' feet is everything. But then so are all the sights and scents around everywhere I go. ;) Glad y'all understand.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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