Those dang leashes

I hate them, I just hate them.  Extension leashes.  I'm sure you have all run into one or two or lots of people who just don't know how to use them.  On the weekend my hubby and Elsa were out on one of their runs.  They were in a great rhythm, their strides matched, it was great.  Then a guy came the other way with a big brown lab on an extension leash, no he did not get reined in.  He had his dog out at the end and he decided to visit with Elsa.  Steve had to take a fast side step as their stride was broken.  Even the display of Steve and Elsa moving away, making an arc around this dog was not enough of a sign.  No, this guy kept coming with his dog.  Really?

I've written about people who don't get "the message" often.  But add into that someone who is using an extension leash and you have a recipe for some heated discussion.  There is a woman at a favorite park of mine who has a brown lab (not picking on labs, funny that these were both brown labs) and she too uses an extension leash with no reining.  As we approach her the lab starts the whining to come and see us.  She tells him that these people don't want to play as she keeps coming.  Luke does not like over rambunctious types, whining and jumping to come and visit.  So we make our big arc around the pair but it doesn't stop them.  At no time is their any reining in.  Really?

The other day while driving down the street I saw a dog come around a corner of the street well ahead of the owner.  The dog ran into someone who obviously was not a dog fan and was quite caught off guard by the dogs appearance. How can you let your dog go around a corner 20 feet ahead of you?  It is dangerous, careless and frankly rude and irresponsible.


If your dog cannot be off leash, I mean never off leash then use an extension leash to give that sense of freedom.  ONLY IN AN OPEN SPACE.

Jessie use to have an extension leash because she could not be off leash.  She did great on it and I never allowed her to be at the end when she shouldn't be.

Extension leashes should not be used by anyone who cannot rein their dog in fast.  At the mere sight of another dog or human the reining should start, but no, it usually starts once it's too late.  I have had a cut and an extension leash burn on my ankles, I hate the things.  They are very, very, VERY dangerous.  If you are not fast enough with your reining then your dog will get tangled up with everyone else's dog much to the dismay of other owners.

I see people using extension leashes with choke collars all the time.  NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER use an extension and a choke collar together.  They are not compatible.  The choke.............. chokes, and the extension leash is continually pulling unless in locked position.  A very bad combination.

I also people walking or running with several extension leashes.  Now tell me this, how can you rein in several at the same time?  You can't.  A handful of extension leashes, now come on people.

If you have an extension leash, get a grip or toss it.  When you are on a walk in public and around other people and dogs your dog should never be further away from you than 6 feet when on leash so why an extension?  They should strictly be used in open spaces, parks, fields etc.  Another one of man's stupid inventions that has become the norm.      

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  1. Never mind that when someone drops the handle of those leashes it makes a lot of noise winding toward the dog and then when the dog runs, it bounces behind him and scares him and he keeps running from the evil handle... I agree, a recipe for disaster with most people.


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