Rimadyl - repost

This is a re-post as I think it is that important.  Please share.

First I want to say that I am not a Veterinarian; so this is in no way medical advice. I am a canine guardian and as such I do extensive research on new products, diseases or anything else that I haven't heard about having to do with dogs. Rimadyl is one such item that I have done a lot of research on and feel the need to pass on the information that I have found.  After hearing and reading about so many sad stories with regards to taking Rimadyl; I feel that it is my obligation to share.  I hope that you share as well.

I have heard of people receiving the product from their Veterinarian for many different symptoms.  It's a little scary how it is passed out as a remedy for so many different things.  When I hear of anyone using it I recommend that they look it up immediately to see if they want to continue the use on their dog.

This was a past post but I feel needs sharing again.  I have also added a few new links.  It is a short blog; there is no need for me to go on about it when you can read the information found at the links below.

These are only a few of the articles that I found; there are sadly many, many more.

The Senior Dog Project
K9 obedience Co. UK
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Romi's website
USA Today

I recommend researching any new medication or product extensively before even considering giving it to your dog.


  1. Thank you Sherri for the reminder. My 5-year old Standard was given Rimadyl earlier this year post burst anal gland, after one dose she had several side effects: eyes rolled back in her head, drooling, wobbly on her feet. I don't understand why the med was prescribed, she was in no obvious pain (she was obviously uncomfortable pre-burst). I learned a valuable lesson: ask questions before blindly going along with prescribed meds.

  2. I had a bad experience with it about 10 yrs ago with a poodle I was fostering. It almost killed the little guy. I try to warn people off that give it to their animals and I'm so against the drug. I just wish everyone would do their research. Thank you for sharing this Sherri. There are other alternatives for sure.

  3. My Standard, who suffered from arthritis, was given Rimadyl at age 11 or 12. For Tasha, it was a Godsend, and really helped her move without pain. She was almost 16 when she passed away and was spry until the day before she died. My sister's Springer did not do well on Rimadyl, provided for arthritis as well. The Springer was taken off the drug days after she started on it. (Two different vets, on either US coast, and two different dogs, obviously.) One has to be smart, and know your dog and the med.


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