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Ours dogs deserve the time needed to research for their health.

She almost died, my little JRT, Jessie.  She was only 6 years of age and losing her battle with an unknown enemy.  As I held her on my lap; wrapped tightly in a towel I struggled to let her go; when I didn't know what was taking her.   After all the tests, we were left with an autoimmune disorder.  At only 15 lbs, Jessie's body was turning on itself.  I have no doubt that vaccines were the cause. 

Read Jessie's story

I'm not going to go on and go about vaccines and the possible long term side effects.  I have added several links below to read and contemplate.  Are we over taxing our dog's bodies; creating diseases that might otherwise not inflict our dogs?  It is already a known fact that dogs do not need annual shots.  A simple titer test can tell you that.  They draw blood to see the level of immunity protection your dog has to diseases that the shots are for.  It is a simple test and readily available.

Are the pharmaceutical companies instilling fear in us?  No doubt.  More and more dogs are becoming ill, but could it be avoided?  I believe that many otherwise healthy dogs succumb to disease due to what their bodies are given to deal with.  Annual vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, heartworm medication, poor quality food and many new vaccines that some of the Veterinarian field are pushing.  Read before you stick. 

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  1. Hi,
    It amazes me as well as infuriates me that pet owners still choose to ignore this subject, partly because they put their blind trust into the vets 'all knowing' diagnosis and advice (which is purley profit motivated).
    There are 2 main factors 1.Vaccinations (tons of scientific data to support NOT using them & the dangers to our pets -No evidence to support their use whatsoever!!!!)
    2.Nutrition - the self regulated pet food industry, advertising processed pet foods as superior complete balanced nutrition, when infact its nothing more than industrial waste that cannot & will not sustain health or long life but does help to keep a constant flow of ill / diseased pets visiting veterinary clinics for non needed toxic remedies to treat the symptoms but NEVER the cause.
    -Stop the vaccines
    -Stop the processed pet food
    -Feed a quality nutritional balanced food and watch your pet friends allergies / skin problems and nearly all other ailments of ill health dissapear within a month or two.
    A healthy immune system keeps fleas away, AND the raw meat and bone diet is the best nutitional food that we can supply our carnivour friends (its their natural food source and is cruel to not provide them with what nature intended them to thrive on).

    A little measure of each of these 3 herbs of hull walnut tincture, 2.wormwood powder and 3.clove powdered capsuals mixed everyday into your pet feed eliminates internal parasitic worms voiding the use of toxic chemical products!
    There is a massive injustice towards our pets and we are letting it happen...we are killing our pets through ignorance.

    Here are 2 more links to websites run by pet owners, professionals and vets who are trying to expand awareness of the horrors and corruption happening in the veterinary field and multi-billion pound pet food industry...

    The Pet Welfare Alliance:

    Canine Health Concern:

    Even if you dont believe whats being said, dont we all owe it to our pets to look into the matter and educate ourselves weighing up the pro's & con's as responsible caraers?

  2. mark speed, Your vet may be purely profit motivated, mine is not. I resent the generalization. Do you realize that anything you say loses credibility because you start out by representing a false statement as fact? I stopped reading right there.


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