Public friendly dog and guardian

Play invitation...waiting for a reply.  Etiquette.
I cannot believe how many people just don't understand what having dogs means.  So many people ruin it for the rest of us; those who just go through their day to day without considering others.  That is the biggy here; CONSIDER OTHERS.  Yes you love your dog, yes your dog is the greatest dog in the world, but not everyone feels that way.  Some people are not dogs fans (gasp!!!), others might be afraid of dogs, some people may like their dog but not yours, while others may have dogs that do not want to interact with your dog.  Okay here goes.

-  Pick up your dog's poop.  Do not turn around and pretend that you don't see her pooping.  Be prepared, carry bags with you at all times.

-  Do not have your dog off leash in public areas if there is ANYONE else around.  Even when you trust your dog to be friendly, other people and dogs may not be.  CONSIDER OTHERS.

-  Rein your dog in when passing by other dogs or people.  This one drives me CRAZY.  I love to walk in very public areas and am always astounded by the rudeness of other people.  They let their dog wander to the end of the 'extension leash' with no regard to the other people and dogs around. Teach your dog to walk comfortably by your side for when they need to be close to you.

-  Do not allow your dog to interact with others unless they are specifically invited to do so.  Assuming that all dogs want to meet and talk to your dog is not wise.  So many people just walk right up, head on to other dogs without knowing the least bit about the dog they are approaching.  Do not interact unless both parties have given the okay to do so. 

-  Teach your dog to mind their own business, not all people with dogs want to interact. 

-  DO NOT take other people's word that they dog is friendly.  Learn to read body language.  In general people do not know whether or not their dog wants to interact or not. 

-  DO NOT take your dog into public where dogs are not suppose to be. 

-  DO NOT slap a red vest on your dog and pretend that it is a service dog.  This is becoming far too common and it is very uncool for those who have real service dogs.

-  Train your dog.

-  If your dog has behavior issues in public, address them.

-  DO NOT groom your dog and leave a massive pile of hair in the middle of the park.  (Gross, I hate this)

- If you cannot control your dog when in public; either don't be in public or go to training and learn how to do so. 

The other day while I was walking at the harbor with a friend; I could see a couple up ahead of us with three terriers with their leashes dropped.  Knowing terriers, I veered off quite a distance to give us some reaction room.  Sure enough one of the terriers spotted Elsa and headed our way.  I told the owner that Elsa was not small dog friendly (she has been snapped and lunged at too many times) knowing full well that the dog would most likely lunge at her.  The owner replied "no he's not friendly either" as she allowed him to continue, really?  Lucky for him he stopped at my friends dog who is not bothered by small dogs attacking him.  The terrier did what I thought he would while the owner tried frantically to grab his leash.  This is what I am seeing more and more on my walks.

 It is sad that humans just don't get it.  Yes your dog is wonderful, in fact the best dog in the world; but not everyone thinks the same way that you do.  Be polite and CONSIDER OTHERS. 

This is just a very small list, I could go on forever. 



  1. Drives me crazy. I have 2 lovely dogs. Bella loves everyone but I get that not everyone love hers (Why is beyond me, LOL) But our other dog is a very skittish rescue. It is not only rude, it is unwise to take him out where he has to interact with people he not had an opportunity to get to know. And quite frankly it is abusive to him. It scares him so bad. I don't get what people are thinking.

  2. In my city dogo are allowed off leash if they come "when called". although my dog is extremely low energy and not very reactive I continue to use a leash out of respect for others and safety, etc.we are constantly approached by unleashed dogs some of which have tried to bite my dog. also at the park which is not a dog park people will play fetch in the soccer field with their dogs. my calm dog goes nuts at the sight of unleashed dogs streaking across the horizon and streaking by him. I've had to leave the park with my kids and dog because I cannot get my dog to calm down or stop barking when this is going on. Very rude, I think

  3. I don't walk my spoos in public anymore. They are very protective of me and don't want people coming close to us, especially if they have a dog. I'm afraid someone would get hurt. Even if I try to avoid them, they don't seem to get it. It's just not worth it.


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