Careless and oblivious

We were walking around the curve of the park when I saw a woman open up her back hatch and let her dog out.  He was leashless and she was oblivious.  She had no idea that we were coming up from behind and I had no idea whether or not she would leash her dog.  Elsa and I waited and waited as the woman head off into the park without ever looking around.  If she would have turned around she would have seen a leashed Elsa and I.  

When Luke was still with us we had an incident at another park with an oblivious dog owner.  What is it about people and their lack of concern for others?  Just because they think that their dog is friendly does not mean that other people or dogs want a visit from them.  Another time when Tilley was around, a woman let her dog out of the car and it charged Tilley; knocking her to the ground.  I was furious and gave the woman a piece of my mind and then some.  The dog was not friendly and she blindly let it out without a leash.  It makes me crazy quite frankly.

I'm a scanner, I do not like surprises so I am always scanning our environment; especially before opening the car and letting Elsa out.  She is trained not to get out until I say so; and I do not say so until she has a leash on.  This is a safety precaution that every dog owner should instill in their day to day.  I have had too many dogs off leash charge us to go in blind.  

The idea that some folks have about their dog is really worrisome.  If they consider their dog to be friendly then they have this idea that all people and dogs would want to visit.  WRONGO.  If you want your dog to interact with other dogs then go to a dog park, or have dog friends over to your home for a visit.  Or ask ahead if your LEASHED dog can say hi to another.  It is just not fair to allow your dog to run up to other dogs or people.

Just imagine for a minute:  You alone get out of your car and as you start to head out into the park another person comes running straight at you with their arms out for a hug.  Hmmmmm, you might run and get back in your car, prepare to defend yourself or punch that person in the face, right?  I know I would.  Yet some people expect their dog and other dogs to be visit with all the strange dogs they meet.  

Keep your dog on a leash folks.  The only time your dog should be off leash in a leashed area is if NO ONE else is around.  It is extremely rude and disrespectful to do otherwise.  When I am out with my dog, I am out with my dog.  I am not out to visit you or your dog unless I have made plans to do so.   So keep your dog on a leash unless you and your dog have the place to yourself.  And do us all a favor and learn to look before leaping.  Honestly.   


  1. You are so right! I've seen dog owners walking their dog and talking on the phone( or not) and when the poor baby tries to urinate they pull him without looking back! It's so callous and selfish not to think about this otner being!

  2. I walk daily in local subdivisions and parks with my Poodle, Tate. I see this ALL the time. Walking through a small neighborhood park, clearly marked in at least 5 places that all dogs had to be on a leash, a woman was throwing a ball for her big black Lab. I stopped and waited for her to notice us. She finally did and I asked to please put her dog on a leash. She did but was clearly annoyed. She left shortly after and left a note on my car suggesting that if my dog didn't like other dogs that I should walk him "not in a park!" Despite the fact that I was observing the rules and she wasn't! You have to laugh or you will go crazy. I had a similar situation to yours where someone was playing with their loose dog who noticed my dog and came streaking over to him and attacked him while the people are yelling at him to come back. I kicked and yelled at the dog and had to finally pepper spray him. Such a shame since it's not the dog's fault but, of course, the owner's. Very few people really get it.


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