"Those" dog owners. RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa and I are just back from our very short walk.  We had to check out early because one of "those" dog owners at the park.  I saw the woman the other day at the park and had to yell across the park for her to put leashes on.  When she heard me she immediately turned and walked away, I knew then. 

So today Elsa and were on the opposite side of the park and I see her; this time with three Australian Shepherds, two off leash.  I turned on a dime and head back to the car.  From what I'd seen on the previous visit she had no control over her dogs.  I was not about to put Elsa in the middle of this idiot and her dogs.  

As I came around the corner we made it to the car.  I poured Elsa a bowl of water and gave her a treat, while watching.  One of the Aussies decided to come my way so I hovered over the back hatch while Elsa had her drink.  The dog then took a big crap right in front of me as the woman pretended not to notice.  Then the other took a big crap and she continued to throw the ball for the third; walking away from the crap like she hadn't noticed.  Okay, enough was enough.  

I called out to her to leash her dogs and pick up her dogs crap.  What I got was what I expected from one of "those" dog owners.  She screamed at me and frantically tried to wrangle her dogs.  One of the dogs ran towards me and I shut the back hatch of my car.  The dog hovered around my legs but I didn't give it the any attention once so ever; but could feel it nudging my leg several times.

I was now fuming.  These are the type of folks that tend to have their dogs off leash obliviously; the ones who have no control over their dogs.  If something should arise, there is nothing that they can do.  The dogs ran around avoiding her as I approached.  I wasn't letting it go; this is a park that I love, one that Elsa and I frequent a lot and I have been going to for at least sixteen years.  

She had her dogs leashed finally and was walking away.  I told her that her dogs had crapped and she needed to pick it up.  She spun around and screamed at "get out of my face."  Yup, one of "those." 
The oldest dog out of the bunch hunched over to crap right then and she dragged it away mid-poop.  Poor dogs.  I told her again to pick up her dogs pooped and she screamed "I'm getting a bag." 

Well needless to say in the very large park she was not going to find the three dog's poop.  And, as I drove away she was nowhere near the poop bags, she was leaving.  "Those" type of people should not have dogs.  


  1. That is deplorable. They just built a new dog park near us with all the anemities needed and I still won't take mine there. There needs to be some kind of not policing but hired personnel to oversee what goes on at these parks. They can't just rely on the dogs or their owners to do what's right. There are too many of "those" dog owners around.

  2. Infuriating! We don't have a dog park near us so we just walk our dogs in ghetto neighborhood. We also deal with inconsiderate dog owners even while walking. We have a county wide leash law. My standard poodle & my toy poodle are always on leash. We have been charged by a loose pit bull & several other small dogs. When my husband ask the pits owner to leash or control his dog he flipped us off. We now call animal control every time it's out.
    Our toy was attacked & almost killed by 2 loose huskies that were loose while walking her on leash right in front of our house. They were not the least bit afraid of my 6ft.4in husband. He was finally able to pick her up to save her & luckily did not get bit. They disappeared as quickly as they came & we then had a bleeding terrified dog & a $300 vet bill. She's now afraid to walk!
    Thankfully our spoo had already been walked & was inside. She would have tried to fend them off if she'd been with them. What is wrong with people?

  3. you're a lot nicer than I am. I would have gotten a bag, picked up the poo, walked to her car and emptied the poo onto her bumper. and rubbed it in a little, just for spite.

  4. dog8818 Elsa was my first concern and the fact that I had to shut the back hatch because one of the dogs decided to come over to us meant that I had to get going as it was hot out.


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