Barking dogs

Good Saturday morning, I'm awake obviously. As usual I am awake because of stupid people. These people are stupid because they either have outside dogs, put their dog out early and left it out or just have no common sense to know that their dog who is barking constantly may be annoying others. Others, including me would like to sleep in a little on the weekend, but no these people make darn sure that's not going to happen.

Why do people allow their dogs to bark uninterupted? It truly boggles my mind that some people really don't get it. It is one thing if you live out in the middle of no where and your dogs annoying barking is only going to be bothering you but in a suburb, there are lots of people who are going to be bothered, me for one.

Barking in general doesn't bother me at all and a few barks here and there don't phase me either. It is the constant barking that gets to me. Especially on the weekend when you are pretty sure the owners are home and hearing it as well. The fact that the owners are listening to their dogs nagging barking probably adds to the annoyance. Just knowing that they are not doing a thing about it is annoying in itself.

My dogs love to sleep in on the weekendm, I truly believe if I slept until noon they would be right there with me. Of course weekend mornings are spent altogether snuggled in on our bed. I do get leg cramps and tend to be slowly worked off the side of the bed but its cozy. Once up I grab our coffee and crawl back into our very crowded bed for some more lazy time.

But, if for some reason one of my dogs needs to relieve themselves early I am very careful to bring them in immmediately after they are done. My boy loves to go out in the morning and let the world know he has arrived, usually a couple of barks will do. But those couple of barks may be enough with the others in the neighborhood to put someone over the edge. I know I do not want someone taking out their anger on any of my dogs.

A barking dog can be a real annoyance and there are many quick and easy ways to silence a barking dog. Ignorning the fact that they are barking constantly is not one of them.

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