How Luke joined our family

Pretty much everyday I have an incident with my boy Luke. Luke joined our family in the year 2000 and since then I have come to realize that he, more than any other dog in my life has taught me the most. Luke was the only one of my dogs that "chose me." I hate it when people say that but he really did choose me and never let up. I went to visit the litter that a trainer friend of mine had with no intentions of bringing home a puppy, honestly. The litter was sleeping in the backyard, all but this one blonde boy. No, he was too busy working on his routine with me.

In jest I picked him up and looked him square in the eye, "do you want to come home with me?" This is something I do alot when I am working with puppies and never truly mean it. After enjoying a whole litter of 7 week olds I returned home with a blonde poodle puppy imprint on my brain, I could not get this little guy out of my head. So after 5 weeks of torture I called my friend back and sheepishly asked if she still had the boy. No sooner were the words, "yes I do" out of her mouth that I was interupting her saying her "I'll take him."

Oh my gosh he was a doll, just picture loose golden puppy curls so soft that you swear he is a stuffed animal. But he was different right from the the getgo! Luke has been a challenge, not a bad challenge just a challenge from a training stand point. He is very emotional, sensitive, reactive and pushy. All this combined into one of the most amazing dogs I have had the pure pleasure of living with. He is one of my heart dogs.

More on all of Luke's quirks later!


  1. Awww... I enjoyed getting to know more about Luke! I look forward to hearing more about him!

    I am enjoying your blog!

  2. Thanks Amy, he is definitely one of a kind and I couldn't possibly run out of things to write about him.


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