Dads and their dogs

Happy fathers day to all of you great Dads out there. I thought I would discuss Dad's and their dogs today, it just seems fitting. Just like there are many types of kids Dads, there are as many different types of dog Dads. I've met some dog Dads that I'd like to kick out the front door but I'm not going to talk about them. There are the ones who average, not bad, not good but I'm not talking about them either. No, I'm going to talk about great dog Dads.

What makes a Dad a great dog Dad? Well for me they have an actual interest in their dog first off which believe it or not is not a given. They spend time with their dog and take an active role in the raising and living with their dog. They have also learned that brute strength has nothing to do with living with a dog/human relationship.

I have met many great dog Dads over the years and I'd like to share a couple of stories about some of these guys. Privacy is of utmost important so there will be no names named here but you know who you are!

A new Dad with two very rambunctious lab puppies. Not only were there two puppies but they were this families first dogs and they were lab which means double the energy. I am not a fan of two puppies at the same time, it truly is twice the work. This was going to be a huge challenge for this couple. The Dad in this family has an important career but still made it home each week to learn how best to live with these two which is very, very rare. I got regular emails with indepth questions on behavior and was given regular updates, nice, very nice.

The next dog Dad that fits into my "great dog Dads" category had just gotten a Great Dane puppy. Not only did they just get a new Dane puppy, they also had a toddler who I believe was not quite two and Mom was pregnant. That's alot for anyone to handle but he was there every week. He took a big role in raising what was going to be a monster dog. Once the decision had been made to add this big boy to the family they made the concious decision to make sure that it worked. Each week he paid close attention to everything I said bringing up issues and concerns followed with many questions. Each following week I got stories and updates of the week before, I love that. There is no question in my mind that he is not only a wonderful dog Dad but an amazing kid Dad.

The last one I will talk about is our dog's Dad. He is one of the best dog Dad's and I know my dogs think so. He has learned to see what the dogs are thinking, he has learned how to communicate with the dogs to the best of his ability and has a very close bond with each one of our dogs. By living with me he has been submerged into a world of dogs not simply being the guardian of a dog. He is concerned with their happiness and goes out of his way to make sure he is a big part in their lives.

Many times he comes home with a special treat for the dogs and makes getting their treats a huge event which the dogs love. He loves to share his favorite food with the dogs and has many times saved the last bite for them. Right now he is running with the dogs down in the canyon, he does it because they love it and because it has brought them even closer.

Happy Fathers Day all you great Dads.

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