Weekend dogs

Good Saturday morning. My bed is filled with a tangled pile of dogs and I can hear the family getting up and moving about. All of my kids are home this weekend so it will be a full house. My children are 17, 20 and almost 22, no more little ones for us. I love when everyone is home, my son always has a bunch of buddies with him and my two girls have their long time boyfriends. The dogs also love when everyone is home, it is much welcome change from the weekday charge out the door.

As each person emerges from their bedroom the dogs give them a huge greeting which they miss out on during the weekdays. You can tell they enjoy the time they get to spend with everyone, they have hours of people fussing over them constantly. Each person works there way through the three dogs awaiting their turn to say good morning. Bowing is a big part of our dogs lives. Luke is the biggest bower, he loves to hold the bow position for up to 2 min. and he does it everytime he sees you again which could have been 5 minutes ago.

The dogs seem much more settled on the weekends when everyone is home, the whole pack is together and they don't have that anxious "who's missing" feeling. Typically the dogs follow me during the weekdays, Luke and Jessie are my constant shadows. Tilley is a bit more independent and just sort of checks in now and again but poor Luke and Jessie don't get much rest if I'm moving about alot in a day.

The dogs also know that if Dad is sleeping in that it means they get to go for their favorite run in the canyon. The canyon run is a a tradition which my husband has kept up since I badly injured my leg several years ago. After their canyon run the dogs come home with their tongues hanging out the side of their mouths and a huge smile on their face. Luke truly does have a smile after his runs which I will have to capture one of these days. Once back Luke only has time for Dad, it is an amazing bonding time for them and the customary Mom following turns to Dad following for several hours.

Weekends are good.

Have a good one!

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