Moving - dump the dog!

Okay, I spent the morning yesterday at a dog event here in Southern California. There were many rescue groups who I love to talk to and hear some of the success stories. After asking each group what the most common reason for dogs being dumped was their answer was moving. The most common reason for someone relinquishing their dog to a rescue or shelter is that they are movin, unbelieavable. One of the people who I was talking to said talked to a lady who said she was moving and when asked if dogs were not allowed where she was going she stated "oh yes, but is such a hassel to bring her."

I was shocked to hear this from every rescue group that I talked to. I am especially shocked because I thought we had come so much further than this with dogs. Moving with a dog is more work than without a dog but so is moving with children more difficult. I have actually written an article on moving with your dog which is on many realtor sites.

We infact moved with three dogs and not a small move either. I moved from one side of North America to the other with three children, three dogs and me. Now that was one stressful day but we made it and everyone arrived safe and sound in our new home. I flew from Ottawa, Canada to Orange County, CA with a two hour drive to Montreal, two stop overs where the dogs had to be switched to new planes and here we are. There were people who said to me as we were in the process of planning our move that "it would be so much easier without the dogs.' I gave those people a fairly abrupt response "sure it would be easier but if my dogs aren't moving, I'm not moving."

My dogs are my life as are my children and I have come along way and learned many important things in my 40 something years. One thing I have learned is that my dogs are part of my family and where I go, they go. If they can't go, I won't go!!

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