my favorite photo shoots

I love shooting dogs, that's pretty obvious. I love to capture the individuality of each dog and stop time for a guardian to enjoy forever. But even more than shooting dogs alone I love to capture the canine/human connection. Typically I get these shots as a guardian is attempting to position their dog for the shot they want. The guardian is fussing and pushing and pulling just as the dog reaches up and gives them a big one smack dab on the lips, THATS THE ONE!

Most guardians do not want to be in the photo when I ask so that is why I shoot some during the wrestling of getting their dog in position. Once they see them afterwards they almost always love them. Sure they complain how they look awful in the photo but doesn't everyone? I know I do. But there is no denying the love and special moment that has been captured.

This all started for me during a Bulldog shoot. I adore Bulldogs and if you have never had the chance to meet one in person, I highly recommend it. They are the most animated and expressive dogs I have had the joy of working with both in training and photography. Anyway this guardian was attempting to get his dog into position and instead of waiting I was snapping the whole thing. The shots I got were truly amazing and I was hooked. The guardian of the bulldog loved the shots and said they were the best shots he'd ever gotten.

To get these candid shots you usually need to be sneaky so I have a nice long lense but I'm checking out a longer one for even more sneaky shots. Hmmm dog paparazzi?

I'm going to a dog event this morning to hopefully get some of those amazing shots.

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