Rough night

Whew, I'm up late and dog tired. I spent alot of the wee small hours lastnight cleaning up Jessie's vomit. I got careless, its my own fault and I paid for it, Jessie ate a whole bowl of peppermint patties and then threw them up in her crate several times lastnight. Jessie sleeps in her crate because we bought a new bed around December and she cannot get up on it but she never stops trying which can be a bit disturbing in the middle of the night. She loves her crate and goes in everynight on her own.

Lastnight I awoke to her crying which is very unlike her, she is a good little sleeper and goes the whole night always. I took her outside and as I went to put her back in realized the problem. I cleaned it all up, put all new blankets in and went to get a glass of water. As I got back I took a quick glance in the crate and it was as before, a mess. I stood there stumped as to what exactly was going on when a faint sent of peppermint and chocolate hit me. ??????????????????????????????????????

Going back to earlier that evening I had taken my boy Luke to the beach but we weren't gone long. When I got back I thought my son and his friends had gotten into the new bowl of Peppermint patties I had put out on the table behind the couch. This is a usual scenario with three 17 year old boys around and I thought nothing of it.

Back to 2:00am, ah haaaaa! The boys were not the guilty party of the missing peppermint patties Jessie was. She had not made the typical ripped package path of distruction she usually does and must have scarfed them down whole. I have kept a candy bowl at the front door for quite a while but this was the first time I put peppermint patties in it, I'm assuming the scent got her. She snuck up on the couch, crawled over the back and devoured. At least there is not alot of chocolate in these and it was all coming out in her crate, thank goodness she was in a crate. Back to cleaning the whole crate again and put her back to bed.

As I crawled into bed in the darkness my husband hadn't even stirred. I was exhausted and thought to myself "I'll deal with this in the morning."

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