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Good morning all, I'm super late this morning. I've been shooting alot of dogs recently and truly love the chance I get to meet so many great ones. Most recently I got the chance to meet 5 wonderful rescue dogs and their guardians for a very beautiful photo shoot. Because I have been involved with dogs for so long I know just about every breed there is out there except for maybe some of the newest or rarest. Many of the breeds I have only seen and not met in person so when I get the chance to meet a new breed in person I get very excited.

I like to know all the inner most secrets of breeds and like to take a moment and see them the way their admirers see them. It isn't very difficult to get people talking about "their breed." I know I can really go on about standard poodles, and if you don't want to hear it then it's best not to ask me about them. I love all dogs, of course there are individuals I'm not real keen on just like there are people I'm not real keen on but the majority of them I love.

I like to shoot au natural, no not naked but I guess naked as far as the dogs go. I don't like cute accessories like hats or scarves but prefer to have the dog just a dog. And if the dog can be doing their favorite activity whether it be catching frisbees, sleeping, swimming or just hanging in the backyard, that is how I like to shoot them. I try to bring out the inner dog and to do that the dog must be relaxed, to shoot a dog relaxed you need to know what stress looks like.

Being a long time dog trainer really helps me to see the first signs of stress. The general public may not know that a dog has a stressed face on but the guardian sure knows it and its not something you want hanging in your livingroom or in a magazine. So I work very hard at keeping the dog happy and upbeat. Having a big giant eye (camera) starring at them can be intimidating so I use my large zoom lense more often than not. And there are times that even that is starring too long and we need a quick break.

It can be a ton of work to get one good shot but I love it. It is a challenge, one which I thrive on and you need the patience of a saint most of the time. But the best thing about it? I get to spend the whole time with dogs.

Have a great weekend.

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