Time for Tilley

Thats actually my girl Tilley's name, Time for Tilley. I didn't give it to her so don't roll your eyeballs. I'm not big on these fancy registered names and believe me I've heard some doozies. I use to show in the conformation ring and some of the registered names I've heard made me roll my eyes.

Now that I have told you about Jessie and Luke I figure its "Time for Tilley." Tilley came from a breed in Manilla, Ontario Canada which is a beautiful part of Ontario. My husband was working up near there and found an add in a local paper for silver standard poodle pups. At the time I was looking for another puppy to add to our family but had not had any luck. I know what you're thinking, you never buy a puppy from a newspaper add! Well, thats usually correct but I figured I'd go see these dogs.

It was a four hour drive from Ottawa which seemed so long until I saw the scenario. The whole trip was scattered with lakes and forests so I didn't mind the drive at all and before I knew it I was in Manilla. Manilla is just outside of Lindsey for you Ontario folks. I had no intention of purchasing a puppy yet, I wanted to see what the rest of the family looked like and talk in depth to these people about their dogs. The puppies were only 3 weeks old at the time so there was no fear of an impulsive purchase, which was a good thing.

I was there for several hours being introduced to the puppies Aunts, Uncles and Grandmother. I was impressed by how friendly they all were and how knowledgable these people were about their dogs and genetic testing. They had alot of questions about my family and I, dogs included. At the time we had a 10 month old Jack Russell and a 7 year old male standard poodle named Clyde, another one of my heart dogs.

Although I had met all the relatives I had yet to meet Mom. They told me that at 3 weeks they rarely let people view them and that Mom was not happy about strangers viewing her pups. But I was lucky enough to get a quick peek at Mom with her pups. They looked like black wavy guinea pigs and Mom was obviously not letting me any closer than the doorway which I completely understood. Some of the friendliest bitches turn into Cruella Devil when they have pups with them.

I made my decision and I would have pick of females when the time came. So home I went to wait 5 more weeks. The time went by quickly and I made the four hour trip to Manilla again enjoying the scenery the whole way. This time it seemed to take forever, of course because I was dying of excitment to meet my new puppy.

Once there I got to meet the whole litter and watch them interact. The decision about who would be coming home with me was all on me. The breeder told me who she thought would be a good choice but let me make the final decision. Once I had seen everyone they took away the boys, I was getting a girl and trying to tell the difference between all those curly black puppies was difficult.

Tilley stood out right away, she used her eyes alot. I'd never really seen a dog have so much eye contact and communication skills with their eyes at such a young age. She was quiet and little timid which I worried about at the time but she held her own in the litter. I like big dogs and in the end it was down to Tilley and her very much larger sister. I was leaning toward the big girl but the breeder said that Tilley was much closer to standard. The decision was made.

So I packed up my new puppy in her crate and we headed home. As I neared Carp it was already past dusk so when I pulled into our 275 foot driveway I did so unnoticed. The kids were the first to meet her and very much approved, she was adorable. Tilley was completely black with a blue face which gave the only hint that she was not to be a common black poodle. Next came the canine introductions.

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