where is the natural gone

Yesterday I had my two poodles out for a run, I hop around alot with them trying to find open spaces that I can run them in. We had our fun and it was getting hot so we went on a photo shoot environment hunt. I would say 95% of my shoots are done outdoors in a natural surrounding and it is getting harder and harder to find great places to shoot.

I decided to drive down the road that runs along the side of the canyon to see if there were any great spots when I came across the field where I use to regularly run my guys. It was gone, all I have left of the huge open field leading to the canyon are memories. As I stood in the now "new and improved" field I tried to get my barrings. The beautiful open natural field has been replaced with a man made park. I have to admit it is a nice park but the natural beauty is gone. I didn't recognize it at all.

Where there had been a flat wide field to run was now filled with grassy hills and pathways speckled with benchs leading to a play structure. There was no chance my guys were getting off of their leashes in this newly sculpted park. No, gone are the days of running free until they could run no more where we were never interupted by others. My dogs and I loved this park, I'd done many landscape shoots there and even had a rattlesnake encounter in this natural setting.

Sad, very sad.

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