Capturing "it" again.

As I have said before the more I get into photography the more I love to shoot the connection between a canine and their human. I love shooting people and their dogs but not in the conventional portrait sitting way, no I like to capture the connection between the two.

These type of images can only be done when both are relaxed and enjoying the simpleness of being together. Sometimes it can take a while because most people are drawn to the camera lense, we've been taught to look at the camera and smile. But to capture the essence of a true connection the photographer (that's me) must try to seem invisible.

I don't think there is anything greater for a gaurdian than looking at an image of themselves and their dog and seeing "it." That special "it" that is the connection that only they have and only they can see. I try hard to capture "it" and look for "it" when I am shooting. So far I've done a pretty good job.

I believe I've found my new passion.

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