Dogs on the beach

Surrounded by beach and no where to go. Living in Southern California we have miles and miles of beach but unfortunately very few beaches where you can bring dogs. I think it is sad that there are so few beach areas except the handful of designated dogs beaches. I for one am not always up for a dog beach visit. It is just like going to a dog park but at the beach. Often I would just like to have a nice quiet walk on the beach with my dogs.

Laguna beach is one of my favorite places to walk with my dogs, that is when we can walk on Laguna Beach. Right now it is off limits during the day until 6:00 pm which I guess is better than saying "no dogs during the summer months." But it is probably the closest beach to me and if I go at off hours I can usually get parking. What I would love to do is find out about some inlet spots where I could actually take my dogs swimming.

Swimming is a tricky thing for dogs here in the California ocean. Dogs who are accustom to the huge pounding waves seem to deal okay with them if they are a substantial sized dog. But even my girl Tilley who loves dock diving, diving for rocks and pretty much anything having to do with water is intimidated by the huge surf. Afterall she only weighs in at close to 50 lbs. and being a longer legged dog you get bowled over pretty easily.

I have visited a couple of great places for photo shoots that I thought might be a good swim spot but I know there must be others. I'm looking for a quiet spot where rarely anyone else visits. You know the kind of place that people don't announce to the world for fear of it becoming a dog park. One of my favorite things use to be sitting along the edge of a lake deep in thought while my dogs splashed, dove, swam, hunted frogs and played in the water.

So if any of you know of a spot like that, I'd love to hear about it.

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