The Doberman

its early, not even 6 am yet but the birds outside my house are up and at it. I woke up this morning thinking about one of the dogs that I met yesterday. I had a shoot last evening and during the shoot I happened to notice a dog in the neighbors yard. It was a doberman and a beauty at that, you simple don't see these guys around much anymore. I am always talking about dobermans to people and they regularly state "oh Dobermans, their scarey." They may look scarey but they are a wonderful breed.

I'm actually glad that you don't see them around much, thats how a breed is ruined by being one of the the "in dogs." So I got the chance to meet this neighbor Doberman and what a girl. She came to California from a far off place and if you know Dobermans you could tell that she wasn't from around here by how she was built. She had a head like Jake, the Jake I wrote about on July 6th. She had substance but it was easy to see that she was still young and dealing with growing quickly into her body.

After shooting my tiny models the doberman came over for a visit and displayed some very nice canine behavior. She towered over her tiny neighbor buddies but immediately dropped her body to almost a crawl with her head turned slightly as she tore around the backyard. My tiny models set her straight with their dominant posture and display, there was no mistaking who's house this was.

With all the house rules and regulations straight in the canine world everyone was good, the dogs were relaxed and comfortable. The doberman girl was very excited but amazingly well behaved for a dog around the year mark. She was the size of a typical male Doberman and super friendly the way they are meant to be. I love meeting dogs with amazing temperaments and she was showing hers to the fullest. The dobermans I have always known are friendly unless they see a need not to be friendly, they all were great guard dogs except maybe one but more about her later.

It is always a priviledge for me to meet new dogs and hear about their connection with their guardian and lastnight I got an unexpected bonus, nice, very nice.

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