A night of fireworks

Lastnight was the big night and we celebrated it from the balcony of our new home. We have a fabulous view but had no idea if there would be any fireworks to see. I got out my camera and tripod and fixed my settings all ready to capture the moment. In the far distance I heard the faintest sound hinting of what was to come. I looked down at Tilley and her face was stressed with her ears flat back, she heard it too.

Tilley is our dog who is petrified of fireworks. She never used to flinch at the loud booming of thunderstorms or fireworks displays. When our old boy Clyde was around, he was the dog that we had to watch he was a bolter. We always had to make sure he was indoors at the smallest sign of a storm or Canada Day. I remember one storm as if it was yesterday, we were watching it out the livingroom window as I always love to do when Clyde charged in, clammered up the back of the couch and sat there in a trembling mass. Picture a 60 lb dog sitting on the back of the couch!

In our last home there was a neighbor, you know the kind every neighborhood has one who loved to set off firecrackers regularly. I think this is when Tilley's fear started. But at least we were home on this night with her to hopefully help her through. We waited for what seemed to be forever when at 9:01 exactly they started. Up until then I thought that I would only capture a few small local flashes. I'm not sure where the fireworks were from but they were pretty spectacular. Not as amazing as being right there but hey we didn't have to fight the crowds and we were home for our panic stricken girl.

I got some amazing shots, I've shot fireworks before but these were taken through trees giving the images a strong emotional feel to them, I'll post some later. Now back to Tilley, we were on our bedroom balcony so I made sure our bedroom door was closed to keep Tilley in the room with us. There is no telling what she will do when she is in this state but so far it seems that all she wants to do is dig.

Our other two dogs were out on the balcony with us watching and listening and they were completely cool with it. We paid strict attention to our own behavior and just acted like this was very cool and no big deal. Tilley sat and trembled with us, she stayed with us by her own decision. I was glad to see that she was coherant and not in such a state that she was mentally gone. She lay quiet and seemed to calm after a while, we were giving her all the signs to calm down. It is very hard not to console your dog when they are in such a fearful state but you have to commit to helping not hindering.

Once it was bedtime she lay in her bed right beside me and slept even through the very loud neighborhood fireworks and firecrackers. I think she might just improve.

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