Hot Dogs

Yesterday was a scorcher and today is suppose to be hotter. Yesterday I was in the parking lot of Petco out in Tustin. When I pulled into the lot I noticed an SUV a couple of cars over from me. The SUV had a pitbull mix and an American Bulldog in it. The windows were open a crack but the temperature was well into the 90s.

I thought to myself, okay someone just ran in and are coming out, even though a minute in this heat in a car is too long. I was having a conversation with someone and could feel my body starting to melt. I've said before I am not into this type of heat. I turned to check that the car with the dogs was gone and it was still there with the dogs panting profusely.

I excused myself from the conversation and went into the store. I asked the cashier if she knew who's car was outside with the dogs in it. She responded with a useless shrug of her shoulders and turned away. I shook my head and yelled it out "who has their dogs in the white SUV?" A young man admitted that the dogs were his and I told him he better get out there immediately. He actually thanked me which certainly surprised me.

As I walked out the doors he was right behind me, got into his suv and drove away. I stood there in complete astonishment that people still don't get it. How many times do people have to see dead or near dead dogs in a car on tv to "get it."

I don't take my dogs in the car unless I plan on taking them somewhere and on occasion I'll take my little Jack Russell for a ride, she loves it. But I never leave my dogs in the car for any reason. Even times when we stop unexpectly somewhere I will wait in the car with my dogs. I truly don't get people who think that their dogs enjoy waiting in the car as they do their shopping.

The best place for your dog is with you whether that is at home or out with you but not sitting in the car waiting. If you do plan on shopping, leave your dog in the safety of your home. Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car, never over 65 degrees.

Have a good July 4th

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