Just a few more days

Just a few more days and the kids will all be back in school. This may be good or bad in your eyes but to me it means that I can walk my dogs on the beach again. I love to take my dogs down to the beach even though they do have to stay on leash where I take them. It is a quick drive from my home and we can enjoy the salty air. All of my dogs love the beach and it is with bated breath that we await the end of Labor Day.

Laguna Beach is where we go and because of the reality show many of you may have seen it on television. Here in California there are lots of beautiful beaches but very few you can walk your dog on, even on leash. So Laguna is where we hang before the long weekend in May and after Labor Day weekend.

I usually bring either Jessie or the poodles. But either way they all have the same agenda, get the birds. I love watching them stalk the seagulls, pigeons and other small shore birds. They get just close enough and charge, sending the birds to flight. Both of my poodles are complete water dogs and usually drag me in past my shorts. There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking in wet sweat shorts but is it something I regularly sacrifice for my dogs.

All of my dogs wear harnesses when they go to the beach, because of all the charging fun a harness saves their neck. For Jessie it saves her from plunging into the water many times over as she loves to push the boundaries of cliff edges just to get a glimpse of a creature lurking in the tide pools. She literally hangs over the edge held only by the straps that bind her. She loves it and fishes with her short and stocky little legs. If the pool is shallow enough she will wade stomach deep hoping for something to chase.

The poodles and I usually walk the whole beach as they dive in and out of the water constantly. They love it and it doesn't take them long on our beachward drive to know where we are going. Once off the toll road I wind down the windows and let them inhale the salty air. You can tell as soon as Luke realizes where he is going by the tiny cries and whimpers. Being reactive he finds it very hard to control himself when he knows that he is on a great destination drive.

Five more sleeps and all the tourists will be gone and the beach will once again be ours to enjoy. Yes!!!

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