We are what we eat

With all the dog food recalls of late it makes one nervous to open up any type of package and offer it to your dog. I have been feeding my dogs a variety of foods for many years and go between dog food, home prepared food and raw and I for one am looking into everything concerning dog food these days including treats.

I have stopped giving my dogs any treats that are processed and only offer dried or frozen. I am cooking up a storm for my guys which they love. Lastnight they had a meal of beef, pumpkin, rice and green beans, pretty good I'd say. Just like us dogs like to eat a variety of foods and not the same old bowl of dry food left on the floor each day. Often I have my three dogs sit in front of me and feed them fresh raw meet from a fork. They are very well mannered and it breaks up the monotony of eating out of a bowl everyday.

I have been studying the subject casually for many years from some of the greats, Dr. Martin Goldstein and Dr. Pitcairn. Dr. Goldstein has become quite popular now that he has appeared on Oprah which is always a good thing for our dogs. How better to get a message across than to appear on Oprah.

All dogs are different, have different tastes and different nutritional requirements. Two of my dogs have health issues, Luke is epileptic and Jessie has an auto immune disorder which is very strange because the good outcrossed Jack Russells (not the puppy mill variety) are some of the healthiest dogs around.

It is now 6:45 and I need to cook up breakfast, not sure what that will be yet but it will include blueberries :)

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