My relationship with a Birthday Boy

It is Luke's birthday today, he doesn't know it but I do. I told him when he woke up this morning that he is a 7 year old now and suppose to act like an adult, not likely. If you go to my post of June 10 you can read about how Luke joined our family. Luke has without a doubt taught me the most about how dogs think, feel and act. Being a reactive dog his every emotion is bigger than life.

Luke is extremely sensitive to everything, nothing gets by him. Until you live with a dog like Luke you just don't realize how much they "get" and how extremely intelligent they are. Luke is a very complex guy and to truly know who he is you either have to live with him or listen to my ramblings about him :)

Luke is the result of show breeding and for this they want what I call the wild mustang look in the ring. They want a dog that flies into the ring on the end of the leash and looks like they might just take off to the skies with their handler. Well Luke is all that and more, he is very high energy you just cannot tire out this boy. But he is not hyper active, he is a great house dog and pretty much just lays around the house all day.

Luke loves to sleep and when he sleeps, he sleeps very sound. One of Luke's favorite things is sleeping in on the weekend. He always joins us on the bed very early in the morning and snuggles down into his spot. He is a big dreamer, no sooner are his eyes closed when his feet and legs are going a mile a minute. He does a lot of eye twitching, growling and serious inplace running during his dreaming.

Luke is hyper sensitive to body language, watching him watch people and react is very educational. By watching Luke you get a glimpse through k9 eyes. Not all dogs react or display so it can be easy to miss behaviors. Even with a dog like Luke many people miss the messages, but if you take the time to see what's going on it is amazing what you can learn. I could go on all day about his multi talented, super sensitive, affection craving, nervous, hilarious, pushy, goofy, lovable blonde with an amazing sense of humor all day, but I have some snuggling to do.

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