Loss of a great dog

We lost a k9 family member from our extended family yesterday. Although she was well into her years and lived a great long life it is very sad to loose such a great dog. This girl lived through alot of difficult family moments and was always there to support whoever she could just by being there. She was one of the most gentle, loving and happy dogs. I remember the day she joined the family like it was yesterday. She was a fluffy deep golden puppy who you just couldn't keep your hands off of.

Through her life she had alot of adjustments to make as do many of us and our dogs. She took every change in stride and in the end was the best type of dog anyone could ever expect to live with. She was very true to her breed but with some added bonuses, a very special insight as to when she was needed for support or protection.

As a dog lover we know that our dogs lives with us are short, this is sad but true. And with each dog comes joy, happiness and life lessons. Each dog gives a piece of themselves left on our heart forever, some leave a huge mark and some change our lives entirely. As the life of our dogs fade we should look back at how that life touched ours and realize how special it is that we humans have the amazing priviledge of connecting with such a pure and trusting species.

Each person and their dog have a personal and private relationship. In our hearts we hold memories of many dogs who have shared our lives in some way. When a dog passes we all deal with the loss in our own way, we all express ourselves differently. For me grieving is a very private and personal time in life. Only you can understand what your dog meant to you and only you have the amazing gift of those thoughts and memories in your heart, yours to keep to yourself forever.

She will me missed and remembered often.

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