So, what's new?

Not much new in the weather department, its stinking hot and I hate this weather. I love the weather when it is in the high 70s low 80s but this high 90s into low 100s is simply too hot. What is new is that my boy Luke (the great spider hunter) has learned a new word and a new taste. Luke likes ice cubes.

Ever since my first dog Mandy who was an ice cube maniac of an airedale, I thought all dogs pretty much liked ice. In fact all of my dogs have liked ice cubes to some extent until Luke. Luke does not like to try new things, he's pretty much like a little kid. I've tried offering him ice but he won't even put it in his mouth.
When Jessie and Tilley eat it he just watches.

Since the temperatures started going up my husband recently put cubes in his water, well this was new and wonderful. Within a couple of days he totally understood what ice meant and really prefers his water on ice. He has always preferred cold water over room temperature so just maybe he gets the whole icy cold thing.

As I've said before Luke is all about communication so I watch him closely. He now goes in the kitchen where his "spring water" is served and even if the bowl has water in it he will look up at me. Sometimes I'll ask him if he wants ice and he moves away from the bowl until I fix his drink.

I love when my dogs learn new things even when its not something I'm intentionally trying to teach them. The more they learn the more they can learn. Dogs who are accustom to learning catch on much easier than dogs who have never been taught anything.

Most dogs have a talent for something so that is where "new" behaviors should start. What have you taught your dog recently? So, what's new?

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