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I'm in the thinking process about adding another dog to my existing pack. It is a long and arduous procedure for me because I simply love so many dogs. Just the other night after days of talking about adding a toy poodle (I'm thinking about down sizing with this addition) I said to my husband "What do you think about an Irish Wolfhound?"

He looked up at me and hesitated a moment and then said "are you insane?" "Um, no!" I stated. "That's like choosing between a mini and a hummer" he said. At this point my dog loving daughter was getting very excited at the idea of a monster dog living in our home.

Adding another dog may be a long way off for me still but the thought process is a long one. How do you choose when you love so many different types, shapes and sizes? Everytime except for once I have always gone back to the standard poodle, which I still may do. But this time I want to contemplate all the dogs that really catch my eye.

I meet so many breeds and mixes in my line of work and with each new acquaintance there is always the risk of falling for a new breed. I want to list some of the breeds that I have contemplated adding to our family. There are many other breeds that I have fallen in love with but for some reason or other have not considered adding them to my family.

These are in no certain order

Giant Schnauzer
Wirehair Ibizan hound
Irish Wolfhound
Scottish Deerhound
Italian Spinoni (sp?)
German shorthaired pointer
Toy Poodle

These are the ones that come to mind first. So there you have it, quite a mixed bag to think about. The most important issue of course is that the new addition must mesh with my existing pack so it's going to be a long road ahead. Probably a very good thing.

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