conventinal vs positive

I'm am growing weiry of defending my training techniques in the quickly dwindling conventional training world. This is a "hot topic" and very controversial, I know! It actually amazes me that there are still conventional trainers out there but I guess not everyone is into learning new and improved ways. I talk to alot of people and when I meet other trainers that are very conventional in their methods of training we don't quite see eye to eye. Often when we start to discuss training the conversation gets heated almost immediately.

I don't feel any anger towards the conventional trainer but they certainly feel like they have been backed up against a wall for some reason. Where does this anger come from, is it guilt? I study canine behavior and a fall out result of this is studying human behavior and I just can't figure this one out. I would ike to be able to discuss conventional and positive training but it just cannot happen without leading to a fight.

Many conventional trainers look at positive trainers as "cookie trainer,." or small dog trainers, I don't quite understand this either. When I was volunteering at an animal shelter I quickly became the cookie trainer. Their resident trainer was one of the really rough conventional trainers so was I just an extreme to them? Was this because they had dealt with so much military type training that I seem to them like a mushy trainer?

Just because I don't use harsh physical methods does not make me a push over, actually far from it. I am a very strict trainer but I do not rely on physical force to enforce my commands. Yes there are trainers who rely on methods that are probably a little mushy but that is what they feel should be done. I like to educate people, I will never talk down about a certain trainer but I will definitely say why conventional trianing is not great. Each and everyday I research different issues having to do with dogs, I read it all. I have a very open mind and I will take out of what I read.

I started training with conventional methods way back when I was only 13 and luckily I met someone who told me about positive training which I then started to research. So I know all about conventional training and I know why I don't use it. Something to think about, that's all I'm saying.

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