Tardiness and change

Hi all, I apologize for my tardiness of late. We have are having work done at our house which has meant that I need to be up ready and have my dogs fed and out for the day by 7 am, yikes early. Having myself ready is a breeze but as Luke gives me those puppy dog eyes in the morning I know all he wants is to go back to bed. Luke doesn't like change and especially a change to something that he loves so much.

Lukes loves my morning writing time, he stands at the kitchen door waiting for my husband to eat his breakfast and be on his way. The first sign from me that I am heading up to the bed to write and he is way out ahead of me. Luke loves nothing more than snuggling beside me while I write my blog, articles or attempt to finish my book. But mixing it up is important.

Dogs can get into a rut very quickly, which can by fine or can become a problem If dogs are not accustom to change they can have a difficult time of it. So for this reason alone it is important to switch up everything now and then. Things like feeding areas, waling routine, sleeping arrangements and daily routine. Routine is good but you want to make sure that your dog can handle change. By mixing it up you can help your dog deal with change.

You don't want your dog to be thinking ahead of you.

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