Hierarchy unrest

Good Saturday morning. For those who are keeping up with Tilley's tail so to speak the update is as follows. This photo was taken at 10:30 this morning, the photo above taken at 10:45. I was outside with Tilley letting her tail air; I filled up the birdfeeder and when I turned around the black skin was gone. I was hoping that it would come off on its own, but Tilley helped it. It must have been extremely painful to take it off as she was panting very heavily after she did it.

Since the Thursday before last I have seen some shiftings going on in my home with the pack. At first there wasn't much happening, often one of the dogs is down for a couple of days. But now that it has progressed to over a week it is quite obvious. Luke is definitely seeing a weakness in Tilley and pushing her alot.

I believe Tilley is seeing it as well as she is becoming much more aggressive with the other dogs. Yesterday she would not let Jessie walk out of the kitchen. They have a bed beside the doorway and Tilley was on it. Jessie approached the bed to lay down with her and she received a very serious growl. Jessie immediately turned her head and walked away in slow motion.

She then decided to leave the kitchen and thought nothing of it; but as soon as she neared the doorway Tilley growled at her again sending Jessie into a head spin and back into the kitchen. I then walked Jessie out of the kitchen and onto another bed in the livingroom.

Tilley also growled at Luke lastnight for approaching her bed. As she is weak for a longer length of time Luke is seeing this as his time to move up. Because Jessie feels as she is already the top dog there isn't too much happening with her except some unrest because of the movement in the pack.

I will not let Luke obtain any status because Tilley will soon be back on her feet. And Luke having any status would just not be good for anyone :)

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