Oooh storm watch 07 here in SoCal. We are expecting rain which is big news here. We had rain the night before last and boy do we need it.

Tilley's wound is the same this morning. I'm having a problem with one piece of the dead tissue that will not come off and keeps resticking to the open wound. I'm going to attempt hydrotheraphy but don't know how much pain it will cause so I'll take it very slow. I have non stick gauzing now which really helps now that it is such a large open wound.

My other two are feeling a little housebound so yesterday my daughter watched Tilley and I took Luke for a run on his own. He is actually much better behaved when he is on his own. I took him to one of my favorite parks with a great view. It looks over all of Mission Viejo and the mountains.

Luke is a big watcher as I have talked about before. He constantly watches my feet to give him a heads up of which way I'm heading. Yesterday I threw him a curve ball. Without thinking about it; as I scoped the park for "the dog police," I was walking down the path backwards. This is something much more common back home in Canada when a fierce winter wind is blowing in your face but I dont' think I've done it here. Obviously I had never done it with Luke, because he immediately ran to my side watching my feet.

My feet were telling him that I was heading the other way yet I was still walking in my original direction. He stood looking at me while I walked with a puzzled face. Luke has a great sense of humor and seemed to think that this new directional challenging walking was pretty funny. He ran up to me, did a couple of "I don't know whats going on," type jumps and decided that he would just keep a close eye on me.

You can see how closely your dog watches your direction destinations by walking and turning your feet to see if they watch and no before you turn that you are turning. It is something that obedience dogs quickly learn to stay in line with their guardian. Give it a go.

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