Picture perfect

Good morning, what a nice morning it is. We have another worker here so it was up and at it early. The weather is cooler for a bit.

Yesterday I had two picture perfect scenarios. I didn't get a picture but I sure wish I would have. I just got my camera back from getting cleaned so it is sitting on my dining room table with no lense. But even if I did have a lense on my camera usually the cutest shots change the minute you pick up your camera anyway.

The first adorable scene was when my husband was sitting in our livingroom; just home from a hard day of work and about to dig in to a bowl of mixed nuts. The three dogs excited to see him after the day of absence were sitting in front of him giving their typical greeting when they realized he had a snack. It was like watching an audience watch a tennis match. With every movement of his hand the three heads moved in unison. Adorable.

The next scene was in front of the warm glowing fire. It had been a long week and we were enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire. The dogs are not allowed on the couch in the livingroom, it being fabric and Luke a constant digger for comfort. So I spread a blanket out infront of the fireplace so that we could all sit together. Once everyone was comfy I went to the kitchen for an additional snack for all.

When I came back with snack in hand the sight was like I said; picture perfect. My husband sitting on the blanket with the three dogs surrounding him. The glow of the fire bouncing off of them all; my husband was enjoying his wine and the dogs eyes were half squint as they mellowed. It truly looked like a greeting card. The dogs love the fire as much as we do and relax as soon as the warmth hits them. Again "picture perfect."

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