I knew I shouldn't have said it, I shouldn't have even thought it. Everytime I have thought to myself or said out loud that "Luke has not had a seizure in a long while," sure enough. And like clock work I thought it yesterday afternoon. Lastnight I was jolted out of bed around midnight by my husband saying "I think he's having a seizure." I'm up and down on the floor with Luke seizing in my arms before I'm even awake.

Like a researcher I monitor each seizure closely; although lastnight I was barely awake and had my eyes closed for most of it. This seizure was definitely different; much quieter and without the second half of spasming and body contorsioning. This seizure Luke was stiff but not the typical contorted and stiff. Usually he is in a very strange position with his legs pulled up behind his head or under his body is some abnormal position. The only part of him that was contorted was his tail, he had it as high as it could go for the entire seizure.

It lasted approximately 7 min. as he slowly started to come out of it. This is when he typically goes into the second half of the seizure but that didn't come in a normal concession lastnight. He started blinking which is the first sign that he is coming out. Then the panting starts which stops as soon as the second session starts up. Lastnight he panted a bit and then jumped up on the bed which he usually cannot do as he is way too shaky on his legs. I got back in bed and noticed that the panting had stopped and his body was convulsing ever so slightly as I lay my hand on his chest.

He was awake and aware but not completely. He was sitting with his head up looking far off somewhere but maybe a little bit gone. There was no big ending, no coming out of it like usual; we sort of just fell asleep. Every other seizure ends with a heavy panting session added with a cling on poodle. I am unable to make a move without him by my side touching me, this lasts at least an hour. Lastnight he was content to sleep at the end of the bed and not up around my neck.

So needless to say we slept in this morning until after 8; which is very late for us. But with a restless night with one eye open monitoring my boy it makes for a rough morning.

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  1. This is very interesting. I have the same thing happening to me. Is it that we are somehow sending some thoughts to our dog? I have always felt guilty about this because every time I think or say it, it happens.


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