Tilley goes to the vet today

This morning as I was preparing to cut the dogs nails which is a process with three. After cutting the nails; I file their nails so that no one has sharp edges. I should have been doing this along time ago, do you know how many times I've been slashed by ragged edges?

Anyhow, I noticed a red spot on Tilley's tail. I don't how I spotted it as she has got a very furry tail but I keep a close eye on everything having to do with my dogs so there was the spot. As I mulled around the yard a bit I noticed that she was quite bothered by this thing on her tail; so I got out the clippers and shaved her tail down.

I was shocked to see the extent of her tail, it was very swollen, red and oozing. I cannot believe how tough this girl is, she constantly amazes me. But it is this same toughness that leads to many things being discovered far beyond when I typically would have discovered something. My boy Luke lets me know when he has a hang nail for heavens sakes.

So I went to the vet immediately; which I was very happy about. I am very accustom to being told "oh no, we're booked up for the day." "What do you mean your booked up?" How many times have you called a vet in need of an appointment immediately and been told you'll have to wait until Monday? I know I've heard that way too many times, once when Tilley had blood in her urine I was told I'd have to wait till Monday. How's that for caring about animals?

So this new vet that I have I love, the staff is friendly, they put up with all of my "must be with my dogs," stuff and they always have time to see my guys. This is how it should be, squeeze up the patients who are in for a shots or to have their nails cut and "MAKE ROOM FOR MY DOG." I would never call a vet or a even a Dr. and ask to be seen immediately unless I felt that it was important. But hey, thats me. I guess there are enough people who say its urgent when it really isn't so now the techs on the phone don't buy it.

So as for our trip today, Tilley had a follow up urine analysis. The one where you get a needle into your bladder (I said she was tough). Then she had her tail looked at, a shot of antibiotics, pain killer which I love that some Dr's. now see the need for in dogs as well as humans. And we wait to see if this thing goes away on her tail.

Being a standard poodle she is susceptible to sebaceous cysts which we are use to but this one is different. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Listen I totally agree with the passive approach of NOT asking to be seen immediately if my Chihuahuas issue seems minute but like you I was fortunate to not only find a Vet that took my concerns seriously without backlash, but also a Vet who had extensive experience with Chis!

    She and I are still friends. Her business isnt huge but its sustainable and the staff is equally attentive (only 2) and we too are friends!

    So yes all pet owners should be as lucky as us...


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