After doubling up on Tilley's pain meds she was feeling some better yesterday but very minimal. We left her outdoors for most of the day as she seems to like not having her tail wrapped. The wrapping bothers her alot.

After another long day I had the chance to do some research. Looking at Tilley's tail; it looked very strange. My son immediately said it looks like a spider bite. So I looked up spider bites and sure enough Tilley situation mirrored the people who have been bitten by a brown recluse. This is a very bad spider and does alot of damage; even causing fatality so allow she has suffered she is alive.

Tilley must have at one point sat on a spider because it says that they are not an aggressive spider and will only bite if bothered.

so off to the vet we go. She may need to have a good amount of tissue removed.

As before I will keep you posted.



  1. Sherri-
    This is not related to the current post. While searching for an answer to my dog's illness I came across an article about JRT with a mysterious illness that responded in the end to steroid treatment--it was written by someone with your name. Is that you? My dog is going through something similar and fighting for her life--if it is you can you please e-mail me so I can ask a few questions? I am losing hope. My email is katieculotta@gmail.com Thanks!

  2. Here both Brown recluses and Hobo spiders are noted as Very Aggressive spiders.

    The hobo can produce a bite alot like a brown recluse, especially if the person or pet reacts to the bite.

    I hope Tilley gets better quickly.

    There is something called Trameel. Ive used it on my self and my dogs. It works immediately to bring down swelling and pain, and is a homeopathic cream. I know its not the 'usual' but it works. Dont put it In a wound or In eyes however. it can irritate a little bit.

    but it stops rashes, from being clipped, and makes them go away.

    Ive accidentally gotten it in my eyes from putting it on a sore spot before. tho it also stops eye allergies in their tracks if a small amounts applied to the eye lids...


  3. Yep one of my pups had a spider bite on her back one time. I had reached down to touch her and felt this oozing lump. I popped it like a pimple, and LORD the puss and SMELL that came out made me throw up in the sink! I'm not one with a weak stomach, but the smell just gagged me! Vet squared her away, she didn't seem to have the pain Tilley had, if she did she did not show it one bit. I hate when the babies have a boo-boo!


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