Tuesday morning

Both Tilley and I had a good night sleep. I got some much better pain meds for her so she was out. After hours of more research it looks like it could have been one of many things that started this but it also looks like we are in for the long haul before it is all healed up.

On a much lighter note the weather has cooled and the dogs and I spent much of yesterday just puttering around the yard. (Tilley slept) I had a chance to weed the gardens and clean up the yard without melting. I just love the cooler weather; the fall decorations come out and we can pretend we are once again in Canada with the leaves turning color.

With the combination of the very chilly air this morning and a warm cup of coffee I was pretty much in heaven. My workers are gone and the dogs and I are all snuggled up in bed, Luke is very happy. He is having one of his sleeps where he closes his eyes shut so tight that he gets wrinkles. This means he is enjoying his sleep immensely.

Hopefully today will bring some more cooler weather and I can walk the dogs after 9am and not fry.

Time to start getting ready for Christmas, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day all.

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