Good morning, it will be a busy day today. I have quite a few deadlines to get on top of both for my photography and I've been asked to write several articles for magazines. So I'll be on here alot today. That is once I get back from the vet again. The hole in her tail is double the size but thats about all the difference. She does seem to be feeling better as she got up and greeted my husband at the door lastnight which was the first time since Friday.

She is sleeping great with the pain meds and I am researching like crazy. This is one of those things that no one can give you a definite. It is the result of something, a staph infection, a tick bite gone bad or spider bite. We just deal with what we have and making Tilley comfortable is the top concern for me right now. She is on antibiotics which is good now that she has a gapping hole in her tail. I will post a new shot today, don't open my blog if you are squimish.

These type of things don't bother me at all. My husband can't even look at her tail and doesn't want to hear about it. Funny guys are suppose to be so tough but some of the toughest like my husband who I would put up there in one of the toughest guys I know, have such squimish stomachs. Although my son gets right into it with me, holding her tail while I rewrap it and I believe yesterday he put an image of her tail on his MySpace, nice. I'm sure many of his friends will be completely grossing out.

Jessie has taken to sleeping beside Tilley no matter where she is and Luke; well he is a typical bonehead. He had a zoom yesterday and just about ran Tilley over. He been a bit housebound since this happened. And being the wanna be alpha he is he has tried to take advantage of Tilley when she is down. But thats not happening on my watch, he has received several good pokes resulting in plastered submissive ears back and very large sucky eyeballs. Man, boys!!!!!

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