All quiet

Yesterday was a very quiet day. The dogs were spent still from their canyon run and poor little Jessie had joined me on a speed walk. She did very well on the way out but on the way back she was lagging bigtime. I could feel the pull on my arm getting stronger and stronger as we made our way back to the car. I never mind adding a 15 lb weight to my walk but it is amazing how 15 lbs soon feels like 50 in your arms. I'll give her a little break from walking every so often and she seems to enjoy the view from up in my arms. I guess when you are only about 8 inches off the ground the view isn't so good.

Usually my guys rest after the weekend and a ton of exercise but yesterday they were just very quiet. At several points during the day I didn't know where they were. That in itself is very unusual as I always have at least two continual shadows; sometimes three. So seeing that they were not checking in I had to do the checking. I'm always doing a head count; mid day, when I get home and before I go out anywhere. I like to know that everyone is where they should be.

Jessie is very small so it can be a challenge locating her without calling. And being an 11 1/2 year old JRT, even calling her can be difficult. She really does contemplate the benefit of leaving her nice warm spot to come to me just because. Now, rustle a package and she's all over it. Tilley is the other one, now getting older she isn't as fast as she use to be and I can actually pass over her as she lays down somewhere. Because of her coloring she is very well camoflaged most anywhere. She sort of resembled a shadow in the corner of the couch. I have often stood in a room calling and calling her when she finally decides to let me know how blind I am.

One of all three dogs favorite perches in on my daughters bed. With mounds of blankets and a nice patio window for viewing it is prime real estate. They can lay back all snuggled in but still see the comings and goings. This is the room that they are not allowed to be in when I leave to go out anywhere. With me gone they know that barking at passerbys can go on until I get home.

I have dog beds all over my house, actually there is at least one bed per room. I have a huge bed in the kitchen, two really nice ones in the livingroom, a huge flat bed and a doggy couch in the family room, two in the computer room and three in the bedroom. So no matter where my guys are, they are comfortable.

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