A picture is worth a thousand words

I was out driving around yesterday looking for photo ops. Sometimes I just have to shoot something; so I decided on some fall scenery in the city that I live in. I made a couple of quick stops and got some nice images and was back on the road looking again when I came across a scene that made me smile.

I was driving down a road that I thought would lead me to a perfect vantage point for a golf course shot, wrong. But what I did see while driving down the road was touching. There was a very elderly gentleman walking his dog; a tiny blonde pekenese. I'm not sure how old this dog would have been; hard to tell but the dog was clipped short. The day had gotten hotter than it was suppose to so the dog was panting. As I drove by; the gentleman took off his hat and with one hand held the leash tight while the other hand fanned his dog.

They never stopped walking but the man continued to fan his dog. I quickly switched from scouting mode to simple pleasure; the kind where you stop and smell the roses. I made a u-turn and came back slowly. The man had gone another block but had now made a stop so that his tiny dog could quite literally wallow in the pure joy of the grass rolling. As the dog rolled around; obviously loving every minute of scratching heaven the elderly man made sure that his leash did not become tangled.

I was still driving so I had to move on past the scene. I thought to myself while driving away; how this dog and man meant so much to each other. The guardian was taking time out of his day to make sure that his dog was enjoying life and by doing this he himself was enjoying life. It is true that the simple pleasures in life are the best, dogs.

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